Our services are personalised and online. Face-to-face consultations are available on request.


Each consultation includes:

  1. pre-consultation strategy call

  2. lifestyle profile​

  3. goals review

  4. confidence booster

  5. post-service consultation

All colour and style services include access to the one-of-a-kind SA Image Academy Image & Style App*. It provides details of your suitable colours, styles, makeup looks and tips as well as access to qualified counsellors and/or life coaches.



A colour analysis shows you the colours that look best on you.

Learn to choose the right colours for your clothes, accessories and makeup (where applicable), depending on your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. Also discover how to use colour to influence people's perceptions in your favour. 

R 1250 (1 hr 30 min)


Learn to style yourself to highlight your best physical features and draw attention away from any features you may want to downplay. 


A style analysis shows you the clothes, accessories, shoes and hairstyles that complement your body type. It looks into features of your body type and face shape.

R 1250 (1 hr 30 min)

Image by Ana Marcelina


Learn to choose colours and styles that complement your skin tone, body type, face shape and personality. You'll be able to express your true self using suitable colours and styles for your personal and professional life.


A complete colour and style analysis shows your style personalities and how they fit into your lifestyle.

R 2500 (3 hrs)


Enjoy a collection of clothes, accessories and shoes that showcases your colours, styles and lifestyle.


We go through your current wardrobe to help you decide which items to keep, resize, donate or sell. We also use your lifestyle profile to help create your style capsules. If there are items missing from your style capsules, you have the option to buy them through the "My Personal Shopper" service.

​R1185 (Online) (3 hrs)

R1580 (Face-to-face) (3 hrs)

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A virtual wardrobe provides you personalised outfits in a digital format. 


We begin with your lifestyle profile and colour and style analysis. Then, we organise and photograph your digital outfits using your clothes, accessories and shoes. We also suggest items to buy to improve your wardrobe for your best image - personally and professionally.

R670 p/h

Part of this service is face-to-face. Contact Us for bookings.


We buy your clothes, accessories and shoes online and/or in-store. You may join us for in-store shopping if you want to learn to shop for yourself. You have the option to retain this service, so you can maintain your positive and powerful image.


The shopping goals depend on your lifestyle profile as well as a colour and style analysis. ​

Virtual: R 1185 (3 hrs)

Face-to-face: R1580 (3 hrs)

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Your personal stylist guarantees a striking and positive impression at any personal or professional event.


We style two outfit options for your event with your own clothes, accessories, shoes and make-up (where applicable). Alternatively, we buy all or parts of your outfits at your expense then style you for your event. We also guide you to use effective body language, speech and etiquette at your specific event.

Styling only: R 770 (2 hrs) 

Styling & Personal Shopping: R1540 (4 hrs)

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The long-lasting makeover creates your best image and helps you to maintain it.  

Get a new hairstyle; a manicure and a pedicure; style and colour analyses; a refreshed wardrobe; makeup skills (where applicable); improved self-confidence; improved communication skills; and motivation to be the best you can be personally and professionally. 



(Price excludes budget for clothing, accessories and shoes)

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 You and your wedding procession can enjoy repeat consultations to style and coordinate your looks and etiquette for an unforgettable wedding day. Colour and style analysis, personal shopping, makeup, hair styling and grooming are included.

R3500 p/p (for the couple)

R2750 p/p (for the procession. Min 2 people)

(Prices exclude the budget for clothing, accessories, shoes, hair extensions)

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Image by Fábio  Alves
Image by Victoria Heath


Your personal image captures who you are, what you stand for and what you are recognised for. 


Learn to manage your appearance, body language, communication skills and social media image based on your personal vision and mission. The aim is to express your unique personality, values and goals through your image.

R1500 p/p (3 hrs; 10 people)

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This service is for young women aged 15 - 19. 

A young woman's lifelong achievements depend on how well she knows herself; her personal and career goals; and the image she portrays.  

This masterclass helps young women know themselves better; appreciate their appearance; set goals; develop etiquette, effective communication skills and a positive social media image.

R500 p/p (3 hrs; 20 people) 

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Your professional image affects your success and mobility in your career. 

Learn to build a professional image that maintains your individuality, and upholds your organisation's image. Also develop virtual meeting etiquette, presentation skills and a positive social media image for today's online work environment.

R1650 p/p (3 hrs; 10 people)

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